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Preschool | Religious School | Hebrew High School | Adult/Continuing Ed.

Temple Beth Ahm Religious School provides a well-rounded education that enables our students to become active and knowledgeable Jewish adults; able to live Jewishly, and be comfortable in synagogues wherever they may find themselves.

Our teachers are experienced Jewish educators who know how to merge the best of whats new with the best of whats tried and true in an extremely comfortable, warm, and caring atmosphere where students thrive. All our lessons and activities are designed to keep the classes interesting and lively.

Each grade focuses on a specific area of study culminating in a well-rounded Jewish education.

Kindergarten and Primary 1 learn about Holidays and basic mitzvot. They begin to learn the Alef-Bet, blessings, and basic word recognition. Classes are enriched through music, art and special programs.

Primary 2 students practice Hebrew letter sounds, basic prayers, learn their way around the sanctuary, become familiar with Jewish ritual and religious objects, and begin to study about Israel.

Our Aleph (3rd grade) students learn to read Hebrew and study prayer. Our Alef consecration students learn about the partnership with God.

Bet Students 4th grade) concentrate on improving their reading and prayer skills. They learn about Joshua, Judges, Prophets and Kings, and about Israel and its history. On a special Shabbat they lead the congregation in the Shema, VAhavata, and Vyomer.

The Gimel (5th grade) students help lead our Sunday morning service, study Jewish life cycles events and kashrut (they take a trip to a super market), and continue in the study of Israel and Jewish history. The Gimel students lead a Shabbat Afternoon Ashrei and Havdalah service.

Dalet (6th grade) students often lead our Sunday morning service and lead a Friday night service for the congregation, study about Jewish heroes and Jewish values, and learn about the Jewish immigration to America. The class takes a trip to the Eldridge St. Synagogue and Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side.

Our Hey (7th grade) class students lead a Friday night service for the congregation, lead prayers in the Shabbat Morning Temple service, and lead Sunday morning service for the students. They study torah text, Jewish ethics, and learn about Jewish heroes. They study in depth about the Holocaust, which culminates in a graduation trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum in Downtown Manhattan.

All our Hey class children receive their own Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates and conduct the Friday night and Shabbat morning services for their family and congregation.

The Religious School schedule is:
K P1 Sunday 9:00 am 10:45 am
P2 Sunday 10:15 am 12:00 pm
Aleph Hey* Wednesday 4:00 pm 6:15 pm
  Sunday 9:00 am 12:15 pm
Hebrew High School TBD TBD
* Temple affiliation is required


Hebrew High School
Our teen programming and Hebrew High are currently undergoing restructure. Our goal to is to provide meaningful, educational, and fun Jewish programs for our teens.

For Temple Beth Ahm, one of our most important goals is to create a strong sense of family for all our members

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784