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Mi Sheberach

Use this form to submit names for the community "Mi Sheberach List," read during the Torah service each Shabbat and Holiday.

Mi Sheberach or "Cholim" (ill-person's) lists are a long-standing practice in synagogues, and help to inform the community and give comfort for the ill, as we ask Hashem to send healing of body and soul.

It is customary to not say Mi Sheberach for non-life-threatening illnesses (like the common cold in an otherwise healthy person) or chronic non-terminal illnesses (such as well-managed asthma, arthritis, eczema, etc). It is appropriate to say a Mi Sheberach before and for several weeks after a surgical procedure, during recovery from major injury, or during treatment for a serious or life-threatening disease (like cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, etc).

As always, please contact Rabbi Edelstein if you have any questions.

Please do NOT submit names without the permission of the ill-person. Submitting names without permission could at the least be a violation of the person's privacy and dignity, and at the worst a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
Hebrew Names are "name" ben/bat "mother's name", e.g. Yitzchak ben Sarah, Father's name may be added after mother's. e.g. Yitzchak ben Sarah v'Avraham.
For those suffering with chronic illnesses—consider committing to a practice of Jewish Study for the person's merit, or reciting Tehillim on their behalf. If you would like to submit a name for a term longer than six months, please be in touch with Rabbi Edelstein directly.
It is customary to give tzadakah (charity) as part of the Mi Sheberach for the merit of the ill person.
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